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Latest Diabetes Awareness Site Articles

USDA Implements Healthy School Snack Standard Across The Nation

Jun 30, 2013: Say good-bye to Cheetos, Doritoes, and sugar-filled sodas, and hello to granola bars, trail mix, and baked potato chips. The government has created a new healthy food standard in schools, "The Smart Snacks In School" Nutrition Standard that will offer healthier snack foods for kids, while also limiting junk food served to students.

Type 2 Diabetes May Be Harder To Treat In Kids

Jun 27, 2013: Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic in a lot of our children today. A new study has shown that type 2 diabetes is harder to treat in children than it is in adults.

Type 1s Find A Summer Camp They Can Call Their Own

Jun 26, 2013: Many parents may be worried about letting their children with diabetes out of their sight, especially overnight, but diabetes should never take any type of experience away from a child. From bug bites, to homesickness, to roasting marshmallows, summer camp is a can't miss opportunity.

Telling Others You're Type 1 Is Ok!

Jun 25, 2013: You should never be ashamed to tell others that you have type 1 diabetes.You're probably thinking it's easier said then done, but you'll do yourself and others a big favor when you do.

Managing Your Diabetes In The Summer Sun

Jun 24, 2013: Summer's here and it's time for sunbathing, swimming and heat! Type 1 Diabetic Danica gives us some great advice on how to manage your diabetes and diabetes devices while you're out having fun in the sun.

A Day In The Life Of Type 1 Teens

Jun 23, 2013: Diabetes won't ever dictate these amazing type 1 kids' lives! Fourteen-year old, Cloe and Adam have been managing their type 1 diabetes for about 8 years now. They've learned how to test, when to test, and how to manage their diabetes so they can live like other kids just like them who don't have diabetes.

Diabetic Teen Says TSA Needs To Be Educated

Jun 22, 2013: Have you ever been stopped at the airport for having a insulin pump? Did you know that by walking through an x-ray machine, your pump can experience some serious damage? For type 1 Savannah Barry, TSA agents insisted that she go through the full body scanner, not realizing the damage it would make on her pump.

Top Reasons To Like Your Diabetes

Jun 21, 2013: It's a rare thing to hear but if you're as positive as Diabetic Danica, you'll be able to see the many things you like about your type 1 diabetes. Don't get us wrong, she admits that she doesn't really like having diabetes but there are definitely some positives to having diabetes.

Managing Your Type 2 Diabetes

Jun 20, 2013: You've just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and you may be asking yourself how did I get here? But before you dwell on how you got there, let's think about how you can keep it under control!

We All Deserve To Rant A Little

Jun 19, 2013: If you've been diagnosed with diabetes, you deserve a few minutes to rant a little. From non-stop management of you diabetes without a day off, to an imaginable amount of supplies at hand to keep you alive, to balancing your blood sugar each day, it's a surprise that even the mailman gets a day off!

Boston Children's Hospital Closer To Type 1 Cure

Jun 18, 2013: We could be one step closer to understanding the cause and cure to type 1 diabetes. Today diabetes is affecting 215,000 people in the U.S., and the Boston Children's Hospital believes they are on the brink of curing type 1 diabetes.

Running The Boston Marathon With Type 1 Diabetes

Jun 17, 2013: Laura Takach was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6 but has always found running to be a passion. An activity some assume diabetics should not tango with, Laura feels by running she proves to herself that she can keep her diabetes in control and it won't stop her from doing what she strives to do.

Doggie Senses Saves A Type 2 Diabetic

Jun 16, 2013: Copper has proven once again that our pooch pals are definitely our best friends. Her type 2 diabetes owner, Mike has had diabetes for the past 25 years and Copper has become his diabetes hero and guardian angel on four feet.

Exercising To Control Your Diabetes

Jun 15, 2013: What types of exercise do you do to help manage your diabetes? Whether it be extreme sports, running, swimming, or even gardening, all these types of exercise will help manage your diabetes.

Satisfying That Diabetes Sweet Tooth

Jun 14, 2013: Being diabetic doesn't mean you can't enjoy dessert after a meal. It just means you have to retrain your sweet tooth to satisfy those sugary needs.
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