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Latest Type 2 Articles

USDA Implements Healthy School Snack Standard Across The Nation

Jun 30, 2013: Say good-bye to Cheetos, Doritoes, and sugar-filled sodas, and hello to granola bars, trail mix, and baked potato chips. The government has created a new healthy food standard in schools, "The Smart Snacks In School" Nutrition Standard that will offer healthier snack foods for kids, while also limiting junk food served to students.

Type 2 Diabetes May Be Harder To Treat In Kids

Jun 27, 2013: Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic in a lot of our children today. A new study has shown that type 2 diabetes is harder to treat in children than it is in adults.

Managing Your Type 2 Diabetes

Jun 20, 2013: You've just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and you may be asking yourself how did I get here? But before you dwell on how you got there, let's think about how you can keep it under control!

Doggie Senses Saves A Type 2 Diabetic

Jun 16, 2013: Copper has proven once again that our pooch pals are definitely our best friends. Her type 2 diabetes owner, Mike has had diabetes for the past 25 years and Copper has become his diabetes hero and guardian angel on four feet.

Exercising To Control Your Diabetes

Jun 15, 2013: What types of exercise do you do to help manage your diabetes? Whether it be extreme sports, running, swimming, or even gardening, all these types of exercise will help manage your diabetes.

Satisfying That Diabetes Sweet Tooth

Jun 14, 2013: Being diabetic doesn't mean you can't enjoy dessert after a meal. It just means you have to retrain your sweet tooth to satisfy those sugary needs.

Driving Safe With Diabetes

Jun 13, 2013: You wouldn't think it, but diabetes and driving can be a dangerous mix. Diabetes can bring us surprises, but when it comes to these surprises while you're driving, not being prepared can be costly.

Extreme Diabetes Makeover: Eating Out Part 4

Jun 12, 2013: Extreme Makevoer's Dietician Janice Baker, takes three of seven members on a trip to Incredible Cafe. She will educate them on avoiding the pitfalls of eating out but still being able to enjoy a meal that is diabetes friendly.

Extreme Diabetes Makeover: Eating Out Part 3

Jun 11, 2013: Three of seven Extreme Diabetes Makeover members take a trip to Incredible Cafe with Dream Team Dietician Janice Baker. There they will learn about avoiding the pitfalls of eating at a restaurant but still enjoy a healthy diabetes-friendly meal.

Extreme Diabetes Makeover: Eating Out Part 2

Jun 9, 2013: Extreme Diabetes Makeover Dietician Janice Baker, take three of seven diabetics who want to keep their diabetes under control to the Incredible Cafe. Celeste, Renae, and Chet, get a few tips from Janice about avoiding the pitfalls of dining out while still enjoying a healthy meal out on the town.

Extreme Diabetes Makeover: Eating Out Part 1

Jun 7, 2013: Teaming up with Extreme Diabetes Makeover to keep their diabetes under control, three of seven individuals, Celeste, Renae, and Chet, take a trip to Incredible Cafe with Dream Team Dietician Janice Baker, to avoid pitfalls of eating out but still being able to enjoy the restaurant experience.

How To Read Nutrition Labels

Jun 5, 2013: When managing our diabetes it's important to know how to read nutrition labels. Nutrition labels are key to knowing which foods to grab and how much to eat or drink. Watch as Registered Dietician, Mandy Laymen gives us a intro on what all the words and numbers mean on a nutrition label to help make healthier choices. Use this knowledge to help you keep your diabetes under control!

Alliance To Reduce Disparities In Diabetes

Jun 4, 2013: Diabetes is a growing disease across the country especially in low income communities and in particular ethnic groups such as African American, Native American, and Latino/Hispanic people. It is a problem we need to take head on to prevent or manage before it controls our lives.

Women At Higher Risk Of Type 2 With Shift Work

Jun 3, 2013: Did you know that women who work crazy long hours are at a 40% to 60% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes? A recent in depth study has found that nurses who are working at least three night shifts per month in addition to day and evening shifts are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, due to their poor eating habits, irregular sleep patterns, or not getting enough sleep.

Your Nose Knows What Not To Eat

Jun 2, 2013: You may not know it but the temptation of fast food starts with your nose. Pulling into a fast food restaurant may be your stomach talking but a majority of the time you may find yourself not even hungry but craving that cheeseburger anyway. It's you're reaction to the powerful influence of smell on what we eat.
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