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Hollywood's Idea of Diabetes

Stereotypical portrayals of people with Type I diabetes in Hollywood movies have skewed public perception. Check out these hilarious (and very inaccurate) examples!

Genetic Mutation Benefits?

Researchers have isolated two genetic mutations that appear to lower the risk of bearers contracting a diabetic retinal or kidney disease. Click to learn more about this surprising study!.

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Lifesaving Care for Children with Diabetes

For many children in the developing world, diabetes is an urgent, life-threatening condition. A lack of insulin, syringes, monitoring equipment, and care prevents these children from controlling the symptoms of this disease. The consequences are daunting, and include complications such as blindness, amputation, and kidney failure. Without access to insulin, children with diabetes can die in just one week. Access to insulin and syringes is the first step to saving a diabetic child's life. The Life for a Child program is helping children in over 40 countries by providing them with insulin, monitoring equipment, and supplies they need.

Help diabetic children in developing countries take control of their disease! Your donation provides a child with livesaving diabetes supplies.

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