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Jump and Jive While You Cook!


Adding a soundtrack to your kitchen provides a personal touch to any dish. But you can't cook to just any old music! You'll be gliding across the kitchen floor in no time with our 5 favorites!

Metformin in Lake Michigan?


Wastewater plants clean out things we don't want in our lakes and rivers. Yet they were not built with medications in mind. Many drugs have been found in Lake Michigan. . .

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Diabetes Awareness Site

Science-fair1These Kids’ Science Fair Projects Will Blow Your Mind

These kids have really embraced the experience and have, as a result, come up with some amazing inventions! Check out these four innovative minds who are putting our science projects to shame.

Date Night On A Budget

These creative ideas go outside of the box without breaking the bank! Whether you're still getting to know your significant other or have already spent a life time together, there is something on this list for you!

Introduction-questions1Seven Better Questions than “What Do You Do?”

Here's a few questions you can ask that will skip the small talk and launch a real conversation right away.

Cup-o-Coffee_shutterstock_129339416The Surprising Benefits and Drawbacks of Drinking Coffee

After much debate about whether coffee is good for you or bad for you, the Diabetes Site cracked down and did some research to find the real story behind coffee. So what did we figure out? Well, you'll have to read to believe.

Camp Angels for Children with Diabetes
Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes affects one in every 400 children in the U.S. Research has shown that diabetic camps are the best place to teach children how to manage their diabetes. Unfortunately, many families are not able to provide this unique opportunity to their diabetic child because of financial obstacles.

You can help send a child with diabetes to a camp designed for their needs.
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