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Lifesaving Care for Children with Diabetes

Diabetes Care Worldwide

Diabetes awareness, management, and access to care and supplies have become a priority in the developed world. But diabetes also affects a growing number of children in developing countries.

Click to help a child with diabetes stay healthy!

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Diabetes Awareness Site

JonasTransformation1Singer, Actor, and Diabetes Advocate Nick Jonas Has Been On A Roll — Just Take a Look at the Physical Transformation!

Nick Jonas is no stranger to the spotlight. But it isn't the fact that his star is rising once more that should have our attention; it's how he has done so.

ExcitedDog1LOL What!? Where Does This Pup Get His Energy!?

This dog has so much energy and it's so much fun to watch! Did you used to like jumping on the bed when you were a kid? Maybe some of you still do! I can guarantee that you've never jumped on the bed the way that this dog does!

SquashRecipe1In 8 Easy Steps, Honey-Baked Acorn Squash Will Be On Your Thanksgiving Table!

This is by no means a secret: Thanksgiving can be a tricky holiday for diabetics. Heck, any holiday that revolves around food is. But there are options. I repeat: there are options. The recipe you'll find below, for delicious, honey-baked acorn squash is just one.

AnimalDiabetes1Here’s the Best New Way to Treat Diabetes in Your Dog!

Over the past thirty years, diabetes diagnoses in dogs has gone up two hundred percent! Since dogs may not understand diabetes like humans do (even though they taught us how to understand it in the first place), the constant blood-glucose checking can cause stress and pain for these poor diabetic pups.

KittenTherapy1What’s the Best Therapy Known to All of Mankind? Kittens, Of Course!

Any cat owner will tell you that having a cat reduces their stress level - it's just a no brainer! What happens when you put unsuspecting stressed out people in a glass box and let an adorable gang of kittens loose? Pure magic, that's what! I wish one of these existed in every city!

Help Preserve a Diabetic's Foot
Diabetic foot ulcers are the primary cause of hospital admissions for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Medical treatment for these common ulcers is critical — 80% of leg amputations occur subsequent to these ulcers. Treatment is available, however many patients aren't able to afford it.

Contribute to the Diabetic Foot Ulcers Co-Pay Assistance Program to help diabetics who are most in need.

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