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Claire Story

Claire's Story

"Claire was diagnosed with Leukemia in September 2011, and part of her treatment involved steroids, which work with the chemo. She immediately developed steroid-induced diabetes, which we were told would go away between steroid pulses; and it did, for the first year..."

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Diabetes Awareness Site

Derby3DRun1I Am Beyond Excited For Derby. With the Help of 3D Printing, He Can Run Like the Wind!

The future is really here! 3D printing has given Derby the full life he deserves!

FedUpTrailer2The Last Thing the Food Industry Wants Is For You To Watch This Eye-Opening Documentary

What's causing our country's nutritional downslide? Is it us? Because we try. We try to eat right. We exercise every single day. We do what we've been told will work. So what is it then?

biggestloser3This Biggest Loser Contestant Turned His Life Around And Now Works To Help Those With Diabetes!

Aaron Thompkins was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in a very unusual way. Despite his weight topping out at 477 pounds and having a family history of diabetes, he tested negative for years. He received enough passes that he was convinced he would be fine, and would eventually shape up. When his weight hit the 400 pound mark, he knew he needed a drastic change

ChristmasDaysDiabetes1This Could Be the Best 30 Seconds You Spend This Christmas Season!

I'm sure you've heard this classic Christmas tune but I don't think you've heard it like this...

ThorRefusal1I Think We All Can Relate to How Thor Feels About Waking Up! What a Precious Debate They’re Having!

It's 3:30am in Birmingham, Michigan, and Thor, this adorable Great Dane puppy, wants to go back to sleep. But, if he wants to tag along with his family he needs to get his day started. How can this be resolved!?

Care for Diabetic Children in West Africa
In West Africa, 3.3 million Africans currently have diabetes, and 80 percent of diabete deaths occur in low or middle income countries like Mauritania. For diabetic children, the annual cost of their diabetic supplies takes up most of the family's annual income, not to mention the additional cost of regular checkups and screenings.

You can help provide the life-saving supplies they need.
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