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Cooking Tips: Oils

Cooking Oils

Cooking light and keeping calorie counts down is essential to diabetic cooking, and using the right oils in the right ways can make all the difference. Click to Watch!»

John Thomas Madison

Amazing Son, Father, & Friend

"...By the time we got to the ER, his blood sugar was 750. Immediately an ambulance came to whisk us away to a children's hospital, where we spent the next three days learning how to give shots, count carbs, and how our lives would be changed forever..."

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Diabetes Awareness Site

Diabetes Camp in Somerset County, PA

It doesn’t matter how you present it, living with diabetes can be tough. This is especially true for kids when they might feel like the odd one out in their home or school. It can be tough being the only one who has to count carbs or deal with insulin! A camp in Somerset County,...

HawaiiDiabetes1Hawaii’s High Rate of Diabetes Spurs 16-Year Study

Did you know that the state with the highest prevalence of diabetes is Hawaii? I didn’t! The high number of people living with this life-changing disease prompted the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine to conduct a 16 year study focusing on trying to discover the causes of diabetes, outline effective prevention...

Drake Bennett: Leading the Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Effort

Homecoming prince, team mascot, and Star Wars fan? Drake Bennett does all this while managing Type 1 diabetes like a champ. He’s dedicated to raising awareness about Type 1 diabetes in his community and making a big impact! Recently, the team at WLKY created a story about Drake and his life with diabetes since he...

mothersondance1These Wedding Guests Had No Idea What The Groom And His Mom Had Planned…

From Michael Jackson to Madonna, this groom and his mom have got some serious swagger up their sleeves. Their guests had no idea what was coming! See their epic performance.

motherstouch1Amazing! This Mother’s Touch Brings Her Baby Boy Back to Life!

Doctors pronounced Baby Jamie dead and told his grieving parents to say their goodbyes. But after cuddling him against her skin and whispering words of love, his mother began to feel life.

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