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She Won't Let Diabetes Win

Shelly Goodstein on Diabetes

Shelly Goodstein is known as an author, mom, and Ford model, but what she has also added on her list of accomplishments is diabetes advocate. Watch her speak about her experiences! »

John Thomas Madison

Amazing Son, Father, & Friend

"...By the time we got to the ER, his blood sugar was 750. Immediately an ambulance came to whisk us away to a children's hospital, where we spent the next three days learning how to give shots, count carbs, and how our lives would be changed forever..."

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Diabetes Awareness Site

MomSisterConvoSmile of the Day: These Two Are Spot On!

Two gentlemen take it upon themselves to record a conversation between two older women, which they then fantastically act out.

EndocrinologistRole1Do You Have an Endocrinologist on Your Diabetes Health Team?

Eating well, maintaining your levels, and getting good exercising are only a few aspects of staying healthy as a diabetic. It's also imperative that you have regular check-ups and tests from your team of diabetes health professionals! One of the most important members of your team is your endocrinologist -- that's because insulin is produced in an endocrine gland in the pancreas, and endocrine specialists are experts at helping people with diabetes minimize any complications that may occur.

felinediabetessong2Aw, Poor Kitty :( Goes to Show That Feline Diabetes Awareness is Crucial!

Feline diabetes is not at all uncommon. And treating feline diabetes really doesn’t differ a whole lot from how humans are treated. What tends to be more difficult, as it is with humans, is actually being able to tell if your cat is experiencing the symptoms of diabetes.

PizzaDiabetic1Recipe: Tomato, Mushroom and Spinach Pizza

For a lot of folks, the day they were diagnosed with diabetes was the day their pizza consumption was cut down drastically. Typically, with all its carbs, grease, and oils, pizza is thought of as a no-no food for diabetics. Not this one.

ChickenPiccataRecipe1Recipe: Chicken Piccata

This recipe for Chicken Piccata is quick, simple and, more importantly, it's healthy.

Save a Diabetic Patient's Eyesight
Sometimes insurance isn't enough when the only medication that gives you hope for keeping your vision requires thousands of dollars in co-pays or other out-of-pocket costs. Hundreds of diabetic patients who are being treated for diabetic macular edema face this reality every year. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provides vision-saving medication for an underinsured diabetic patient. Thank you!

Help pay for vision-saving medication for an underinsured diabetic patient.
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