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Army Wives & A Misdiagnosis

"I was in the ER with an incredibly high blood sugar — I should have been in a coma. The diagnosis was made fairly quickly: type 2 diabetes, because I was very overweight. They told me there was a slim possibility that it was type 1..."

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The Effects of Diabetes

Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes doesn't only affect your levels — it can also result in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a build-up of plaque in veins and arteries. Learn More About the Effects of Diabetes!

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Diabetes Awareness Site

Diabetessnacks1Got the Munchies? These Diabetic-Friendly, Healthy Snack Choices Won’t Raise Your Blood Sugar!

When you’ve got a hankering for a snack, do you know what foods are the best to reach for? This informative video talks about “free foods” that don’t raise your blood sugar. Check them out below and start making smarter choices today!

SpicyEggCasserole1Om nom nom! Check Out This Delicious Breakfast!

Looking for a great way to start the day? This diabetic-friendly recipe by dLife’s Chef Michel Nischan has quite the kick to it, making it a bold, flavor-filled way to start the day. Treat your body right with this delicious recipe!

ImpossibleBerryPie3Guilt-Free Sweets! This Pie Will Nourish and Impress! YUM!

Looking for a delicious dessert that won’t send your blood sugar on a roller-coaster? This amazing berry pie is sweetened with agave and features a unique solution to a carb-filled, buttery crust. Intrigued? Watch the video below and get started baking! Yum!

Singer1I’m In Love With This Rising Star! She Has The Voice of An Angel!

Here's something to make you smile during your 4th of July celebrations! You'll be surprised when you hear this booming voice coming out of seven-year-old Rhema as she sings our national anthem.

catwelcomessoldier1Too Cute — See This Cat’s Reaction When His Soldier Comes Home. Adorable!

This adorable, patriotic video is perfect for your daily dose of cuteness! Dogs aren’t the only ones to get excited when their owners come home. See this energetic cat welcome his solider home after a day on drill. Adorable!

Help Preserve a Diabetic's Foot
Diabetic foot ulcers are the primary cause of hospital admissions for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Medical treatment for these common ulcers is critical — 80% of leg amputations occur subsequent to these ulcers. Treatment is available, however many patients aren't able to afford it.

Contribute to the Diabetic Foot Ulcers Co-Pay Assistance Program to help diabetics who are most in need.
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