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Put On Your Dancing Shoes!


Wilford Brimley may have been the first exposure many had to diabetes. And, while funny (very funny), this video also pays homage to the man that helped grow diabetes awareness.

I Was In Denial

I Was In Denial

"I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 28." Living a life denying her diagnosis, Melissa knew she had to make a change. Learn about how this type 1 lifted her spirits!

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Diabetes Awareness Site

CatSuperbowl1Superbowl Season Is Exciting For Human And Animals Alike. Let’s Hear Their Thoughts On The Big Game!

In the latest hilarious installment of ‘Dear Kitten’, Cat explains the weird rituals humans have during “The Big Game”. He tries to warn kitten about the random intervals where everyone shouts, the significance of the costumes they wear, and the weird game they play with their snack food. Little did we know, cats play their own...

BionicPancreas3It Finally Happened! A 4 Year Old Boy Received The First Artificial Pancreas!

We have known about the development of a bionic pancreas for a while now, but it has finally been put to the test with this 4 year old Australian boy! Xavier Hames is the first person to get the pancreas outside clinical trials. You can imagine how excited his family must be! The bionic pancreas was...

diabetesbacteria2How Bacteria Could Be The Key To Unlocking Diabetes.

Whether you’re talking Type 1 or Type 2, understanding diabetes starts with beta cells. They are neutralized from doing their job in Type 1 and Type 2, and while they both stop functioning from different causes, it is becoming more and more likely that repairing and protecting them is the key to “curing” diabetes. Scientists...

PSA-Glucose-Chef2The Story Of Glucose Chef’s Delicious Rise To Popularity!

The Glucose Chef is known for his amazing recipes for diabetics. He has great talent and his cooking is sugar, carb, and calorie conscious. But his cooking isn't the only thing that is inspiring. His story is too...

marijuanadiabetes1How Medical Marijuana Could Be A Huge Help To Diabetics.

Medical marijuana, despite the myths and misconceptions surrounding it, is becoming a viable treatment in more and more areas of the country. Why it helps cancer patients, people that suffer from anxiety, and a myriad or chronic pain, it turns out that it can also be a huge help to those with diabetes. It turns out...

Lifesaving Care for Children with Diabetes
For many children in the developing world, diabetes is an urgent, life-threatening condition. A lack of insulin, syringes, monitoring equipment, and care prevents these children from controlling the symptoms of this disease. The consequences are daunting, and include complications such as blindness, amputation, and kidney failure. Without access to insulin, children with diabetes can die in just one week. .

You can help provide the life-saving supplies they need.
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