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Goal: 10,000 Progress: 6,555
Sponsored by: The Diabetes Site

Diabetes is a growing epidemic in low-income communities due to poor health education and the lack of accessibility to healthier food options and supermarkets. Instead of high-quality food right outside their door, they're left to choose meals from fast food and convenience stores selling high-fat, high-sugar, and processed foods.

In 2011, President Obama took hold of this problem and allocated $400 million of the nation's budget to establish a National Healthy Food Financing Initiative. The HFFI supports projects that increase access to healthy, affordable food in communities that currently lack these options.

Today this initiative is accessible to all developers and grocers, but we need to make a push for their involvement! Studies have shown that the initiative has been making an impact by improving and revitalizing the health of low-income communities, where these grocers have been developed. But, as a number of them can be found in some low-income communities, not every community that is in need has been hit.

Let's give these grocers a heads-up! Sign this petition to help emphasize the importance of their presence for the health of low-income communities who do not have access to healthy foods.

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Robert Edwards, Safeway CEO
David Dillon, CEO of Kroger Co.
Robert Miller, CEO of Albertson's LLC

Since the implementation of President Obama's National Healthy Food Financing Initiative, there have been great strides in providing healthy food options and groceries in low-income neighborhoods. But we'd like to see this initiative make more headway with your involvement.

As nationally-known grocery stores, the connection, impact, and nutritious food you can provide to these communities can be the means to prevent or minimize the rate of obesity and diabetes amongst adults and children in America.

We've only begun to raise awareness for the need of healthy food in these low-income communities, but studies have also shown your presence has contributed to these communities' economic development. You will not only provide fresh foods but will create jobs, and bring a healthier life back to these communities, raising community moral.

You are the first step to providing healthy food and opening the eyes of these to low-income communities to a better way of living. It's your turn to utilize this initiative, do your part, and make the change.

Thank you and we hope you will consider making a change!

Petition Signatures

Jul 4, 2015 helen daniels
Jul 4, 2015 Mona Huff In other industrialized countries healthier foods are cheaper and junk foods are more expensive. Please offer coupons and discounts for healthier food options! Help us fight the food industry on honesty in labeling.
Jul 4, 2015 Sandra Loud
Jun 30, 2015 sandra sullivan We need affordable food ( healthy food). I feel that the food that is healthiest should be lower cost and the food that is unhealthy should be higher. So we can eat healthy and not spend an arm and a leg for the healthy food.
Jun 27, 2015 n. gottlieb
Jun 27, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jun 25, 2015 Maureen North
Jun 23, 2015 Kathleen Tashiro
Jun 23, 2015 Kaitlin Kennedy
Jun 18, 2015 (Name not displayed) Stop pricing healthy foods higher than the unhealthy foods. We need to be able to afford healthy foods regardless of our income bracket.
Jun 18, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jun 17, 2015 Claudia Todd
Jun 17, 2015 Annie Smit
Jun 16, 2015 Tania Pogiatzoglou
Jun 14, 2015 (Name not displayed) We need to be able to afford healthy food especially diabetics and seniors
Jun 14, 2015 Gordana Barisic
Jun 13, 2015 Trina Harding
Jun 13, 2015 Stephanie Vorse
Jun 13, 2015 Richard Neal
Jun 12, 2015 S. Marsh
Jun 12, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jun 12, 2015 Victoria Peyser
Jun 11, 2015 C. Marshall
Jun 11, 2015 Carrie Harrison
Jun 11, 2015 Terri Fleming
Jun 10, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jun 10, 2015 John Davis
Jun 8, 2015 Phyllis Satterfield As a home care nurse who often worked in disadvantaged neighborhoods I learned how difficult it was to shop for healthy alternatives for my diabetic patients in their local stores. Please participate in the important work of changing that.
Jun 7, 2015 Rachel Nichols
Jun 3, 2015 (Name not displayed)
May 31, 2015 Betty Leach
May 31, 2015 Charlotte Gardiner
May 30, 2015 Susan (Suni) Roberts-Ibarra
May 30, 2015 Karen McConnell Hi, I wanted to get Kroger on board with this initiative. So, we can have healthier option available to all of us. Since, I only shop at Kroger's; I wanted this available to me too.
May 30, 2015 Marci Turner
May 29, 2015 Brittany Paral
May 24, 2015 (Name not displayed)
May 22, 2015 nicole manhardt
May 21, 2015 Linda Hayward
May 21, 2015 Marilyn Mason
May 21, 2015 Christine Seward
May 21, 2015 (Name not displayed) I only have $40 a week for everything, not just groceries!
May 20, 2015 Linda Stakelin Stop diabetes now
May 20, 2015 (Name not displayed)
May 20, 2015 Candy Austin
May 20, 2015 Cynthia Keller I am a t1 diabetic since 1970. It is very hard to afford the kinds of foods you need to eat to stick to a well balanced and nutritious diet. The costs are horrific and my income is low due to being disabled. We really need help. Thank you
May 20, 2015 teresa teague yes help more
May 20, 2015 (Name not displayed)
May 20, 2015 patricia Wigstrom
May 20, 2015 Michelle Lopez

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