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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 7,926
Sponsored by: The Diabetes Site

Only months after helping the Miami Heat win the 2013 NBA title this past June, NBA star Ray Allen is now putting the drive and energy he had on the court towards advocating the need to keep and increase funding for diabetes research on Capitol Hill.

The Special Diabetes Program, which has been funding type 1 research since 1997, is currently in danger of government funding cut backs. Allen's six-year-old son, Walker, is one of three million Americans living with type 1 diabetes who hope this funding can bring about a cure in their lifetime.

Since 2004, the U.S. government has dispersed $150 million towards type 1 and type 2 diabetes related efforts. However, to rework government budgets, Congress is now looking into transitioning funding from a 3-year grant to a single-year renewable program.

Let's speak up for type 1 diabetes research and keep the momentum going! Sign this petition to tell U.S. Senator Bill Neslon (FL), chair of the Special Committee on Aging and Senator Patty Murray (WA), chair of Senate Budget Committee of the importance for multi-year funding to make headway in type 1 diabetes research.

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To Senator Bill Nelson and Senator Patty Murray,

Type 1 diabetes, a growing condition that is affecting over three million Americans each year. We have recently heard that you may cut back on the Special Diabetes Program which helps fund type 1 diabetes research.

This has left many type 1 research supporters worried about  the change slowing down the progress researchers have made.

Now is not the time to cut funding. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the leading cause of kidney failure, blindness in adults and amputations. By keeping the multi-year grant, researchers will be able to continue clinical trials and research which will get us steps closer to a type 1 cure and type 2 drugs that can reverse diabetes risks such as most recent drug Lucentis, that is now reversing diabetes-related eye damage.

The health and future of over 18 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes is in your hands, please reconsider cutting back on diabetes research funding and realize the importance it has on our nations health.

Thank you for your reconsideration.

Petition Signatures

Nov 24, 2014 Jimmie Lynne Berry
Nov 23, 2014 Jonathan Meggitt
Nov 18, 2014 M amedeo
Nov 18, 2014 Renee Leatherman Please keep the diabetic research. My fiancé desperately needs a cure. His family loves him and we want him to get better
Nov 18, 2014 Nora Groeneweg
Nov 18, 2014 Frédéric Pulcini
Nov 17, 2014 Tara Neill Diabetes causes more deaths each year than AIDS and Breast Cancer combined. We must keep up the funding for Diabetes research. Surely if you can fund research for cancer, you can do the same for diabetes.
Nov 16, 2014 Lisa Bishop My 15 year old has had Type 1 Diabetes since she was 7. We need more research done on Type 1 Diabetes, so our children can have normal lives
Nov 14, 2014 Crystal Plude
Nov 13, 2014 SUSAN O'KEEFE
Nov 12, 2014 Lisa Butler
Nov 11, 2014 Caitlin Tubilleja
Nov 10, 2014 William Tubilleja
Nov 7, 2014 Vicki Minnie Please continue research for type 1 diabetes! We need to find a cure!
Nov 6, 2014 Mary Tubilleja
Nov 6, 2014 Patrick Tubilleja
Nov 6, 2014 Lindsey Pitman Please continue research for diabetes.
Nov 6, 2014 leslie stogner
Nov 5, 2014 (Name not displayed) Diabetes, the silent killer must be stopped. No government funding will be required if a cure is found.
Nov 5, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 5, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 5, 2014 Elisha Stogner
Nov 5, 2014 Jason Arnold
Nov 5, 2014 Richard Macpherson Please consider all of us that are diabetic
Nov 5, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 5, 2014 (Name not displayed) Please continue to support type 1 diabetes reasearch. Finding a cure is critical to the care of millions of americas. A cure for type 1 diabetes willl lower US Healthcare spending
Nov 5, 2014 (Name not displayed) People matter.
Nov 5, 2014 kassie Jones
Nov 5, 2014 (Name not displayed) I have a 15 year old grandson with type 1 diabetes so I asking you not to cut back on the Special Diabetes Program which helps to fund type 1 diabetes research. Thank you.
Nov 5, 2014 Taryn Cordell Please keep funding for diabetes cure.
Nov 5, 2014 Kim Peer
Nov 5, 2014 Jessica Davis I've been a Type One Diabetic for almost 15 years it has made me a much tougher person because I have had to be. It has made me deal with the reality of my own death very often. You don't realize how serious it is until it's you or someone you love.Thank
Nov 4, 2014 Laura Owens
Nov 4, 2014 Jessica Parham Everybody is affected by diabetes. Whether you have it or you know someone with it, it is in your life. This is an awful disease that causes so many complications. A cure is the only way to prevent the complications of diabetes. Please don't stop.
Nov 4, 2014 Crystal Qualls
Nov 4, 2014 Leanne Chesser
Nov 4, 2014 Tammy Clarson I've been diabetic since i was 19 n im now 37. ive been on the pump for about 8 or so yrs now. Diabetes runs in the family but im the youngest one to get type 1. every1 else was in their late 40s, 50s n 60s when they got diagnosed n that was type 2.
Nov 4, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 4, 2014 Candace Culver Diabetics everywhere are waiting for a cure. This disease affects every family. Every single person knows somebody with diabetes. It may be their relatives, friends, teacher, boss or themselves but it is guaranteed everybody knows someone with it!!!
Nov 4, 2014 Jennifer Palmer Please keep funding type 1 diabetes research at the same or increased levels only! Figure up how many dollars & lives can be saved if we FUND the cure.
Nov 4, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 4, 2014 Stephanie Fletcher
Nov 4, 2014 Angel Zawacki Please keep funding to try to make take this world from type one to type none. I have a 9 year old who needs all the help she can get. This is so necessary not only for her but for all diabetics.
Nov 4, 2014 Dawn DiLollo
Nov 4, 2014 Cassie May People with diabetes need a cure!! If you stop trying they will never get a cure how does that benefit anyone!!!
Nov 4, 2014 Christy Gilbert
Nov 4, 2014 Joanne FLAHERTY My daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 19 years on November 24th. She's 28 years old. Please do not cut funding, it's totally necessary & important!
Nov 4, 2014 Shanay Osborne You have to keep trying to find a cure. Diabetics everywhere need a cure!!!
Nov 4, 2014 Jillian Schreiner Please continue to fund a cure for type1
Nov 4, 2014 Shanece Osborne A cure is so important. Stopping funding for research hurts so many people who are desperate for a cure.

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