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I hadn't been feeling well for almost a year after a nasty bout with a virus that seemed to keep me lethargic and sleeping about 12 hours a day. I thought I was going through menopause

The day after my yearly physical my internist called me herself, with a frantic sound in her voice .."I don't understand this, but you have didn't make sense, so I re-ran the blood work twice...come in and we will start you on medication, you will lose a couple of pounds, eat better and we can make it go away" BMI at the time was 24, I wasn't overweight and moderately active.

Over Labor Day weekend 2012, the medication seemed to be making me feel worse ..Tuesday morning I received the "CALL". You need to come into the office, you tested positive for GAD need insulin, you are a type 1.

To this day and two endocrinologist later, my internist still does not believe I am actually a type 1, only because she has never seen it in someone my

age present itself before.

The good news....I TOTALLY changed my lifestyle. I run or walk every single day for a min. of 45 minutes. I eat very few carbs...and i don't seem to

miss them at all! I was the chocolate queen!

When they gave my the insulin I was told to expect to gain about 10 lbs...I was determined not to.

Today I am healthier than I have ever been in my life. I've lost 18 lbs. on insulin in 6 months, my cholesterol which was difficult to control before is doing great...all my blood levels including my overall sugar (5.7 :):):) are good...I feel confident, healthy and a very young 56 year old.

This disease changed my life, my attitude and my overall approach to life. To the young type 1's out there...I've seen a lot of illness in my 56yrs. This is manageable if you have the right strong and love yourself..and remember you are surrounded by many who have traveled your path before and made it better!

Janice Watzman
West Bloomfield, MI

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