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Jake had just turned 2 when I noticed the increase in diaper changes. We had just moved and I hadn't taken him to our new pediatrician yet so when he started vomiting, we went to the ER. We were sent home with a "virus".

A few hours later when his vomit was almost black and constant, we returned to the ER where I pushed the doctor to run some tests. After some back and forth, I was told that it was unfair of me to put my baby thru testing just because I "wanted" something to be wrong with him.

We returned home and I had Jake in the bath. He took the bucket I used to hold his bath toys and filled it under the faucet. He then tipped his head back and gulped the whole thing down.

I called the office for the pediatrician we were planning to use and was told she was out of the office, but we could see her partner.

We went in, Jake was lethargic and after weighing him, had lost 8 pounds. I explained to the doctor what his symptoms were and what had happened at the ER. I told him that I had no idea what was wrong but I knew it wasn't a virus and that this was not my baby boy. I knew nothing about diabetes then but said I remembered from pregnancy excessive thirst and urination could be signs of diabetes

They did a finger poke, the meter just read HIGH

Within 30 minutes, we were at Children's Hospital where his blood glucose came up as 798. He was no longer conscious. Thankfully, they started an insulin drip that prevented any damage.

Jake just turned 13 and is a happy and healthy teenager. He wears a pump and nothing stops him.

I thank God every day that I didn't let them tell me I was crazy. We would have lost him!!

Tracy Stewart
Bellevue, NE

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