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It was my senior year of high school and soccer tryouts were just around the corner. I went to the doctors for a normal sports physical. The doctors said they found glucose in my urine and my blood sugar was 157. From there, I went on to my family physician to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was given a blood glucose monitor and Metformin and went home. None of this made any sense to me, I was a healthy, athletic, extremely fit high school girl. From what I had heard about Type 2 diabetes in the past, I did not fit the bill. About two weeks passed before the truth came out. I became violently ill as my sugars crept up past 400 and was taken to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. The doctors couldn't believe that someone had mistakenly diagnosed me, clearly I had Type 1 diabetes and needed insulin, fast. I was taken by ambulance to a children's hospital because I just made the cut at 17 years old. Through the next 3 days I was taught everything I needed to know. Luckily for me, my best friend was also a Type 1 diabetic so I had an idea of what my life would be like from there on out. And let me tell you, my life is amazing. I tried out for the soccer team that year, made varsity and went on to play in college. Now, almost 6 years later, I'm living life to the fullest and wouldn't change a thing. Life is what you make of it, and I choose to make this one count.

Shannon Inglis
Lake Orion, MI

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