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Ruby is and has always been a super happy little girl. On 19th June 2009 Lucy (Mother) took Ruby to the gp. 2 weeks before this Ruby had a viral infection and was given antibiotics, once she had finished the antibiotics she started wetting through her nappies at an alarming rate. During the night she was wetting through her nappies and bed linen 3 times a night. Her fluid intake increased so much she was drinking more then both her parents. Having known what her father went through when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes it was obvious to Lucy what was going on. At the gps office it was a hard battle for a blood test let alone getting them to see she was diabetic. At last we got a nurses appointment for a finger prick test. After 3 tests the nurses left the room without saying a word. Moments later a senior nurse came in. 'We dont know what to do' were the first words out of her mouth. Ruby was sent to the hospital with Addenbrookes and Great Ormond Street on standby. Needless to say it was scary. Ruby was still a happy little girl through it all which is why they wouldnt believe she was diabetic. Her sugars were off the charts yet she was still playing and happy. After being a guinea pig with tests, iv lines galore and slipping into a ketoasidosis coma Ruby was eventually realeased from hospital on 4 injections a day. After 6 months of trial and error Ruby was given an insulin pump to help make her blood sugars stable. Its not been smooth sailing since either but Ruby has stayed positive. We have nearly lost her several times over the years from Ketoacidosis. Ruby is a fighter.

Lucy Dunne
King's Lynn, United Kingdom

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