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My name is Chris, I am 31 and I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 4. After receiving my pump at 21, I started eating whatever I wanted because I never could eat anything. After 10 years I had gone from 5'11" 140lbs to 5'11" 240lbs. I was no way obese but I was overweight. On my 31st birthday I woke up and said I am going to be healthy. I ran that morning and ate smart the rest of the day. I started riding my bike at night, at first I was riding 5 miles then I moved to 8 then to 12 then on the weekends I was riding 25 miles. I started eating fruit whenever my sugar dropped and I started dropping weight. In October, I weighed 185lbs. I trained for a 5k and finally had energy. . Currently I am 175lbs holding steady and in November I finished my first 5k run in 29 minutes and 49 seconds. All this change started May 4, 2012. Anyone can do it if they change their life and their diet.

Chris Gilbert
Wyandotte, MI

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