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Platypus Venom & Diabetes?

Platypus emerging from the water onto a rough and blackened log

The platypus is a complicated and definitely weird creature, with fur, a duck-like bill, tiny eyes, and venom. Yep, males carry venom in their hind feet. But what does this have to do with diabetes? »


Woman with her hand to her mouth looking surprised

Life with diabetes means you occasionally lose your cool when insulin prices go up again, or you get a judgemental look for no reason. You might be in need of a creative diabetes expletive!

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Send a Child with Diabetes to Camp

Camps for children with diabetes provide an excellent opportunity for a child to meet and share experiences with other children who have the disease. Offering swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, and other camp activities, Camp Midicha stands out as a special place where all of the campers, ages 8 to 16, have diabetes. In addition to providing a wide range of traditional camp activities, Camp Midicha offers fun, interactive medical sessions every day to teach campers about all aspects of successful diabetes management.

You can help. Just $25.00 helps cover the cost of a day at camp.

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