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Hire Employees On The Autism Spectrum!

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An estimated 1.5 million people in the U.S. have some form of autism. In total, the combined under and unemployment of young adults with autism is estimated to be 90%. But people on the spectrum possess skills and traits in high demand1. According to the Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders2, they typically possess strong visual perception skills and the ability to remain highly focused in certain situations. They often are highly intelligent, pay careful attention to detail, have the ability to find patterns and anomalies in data, and are able to focus and perform high-quality repetitive tasks.

It's not simply a stereotype to say that individuals with autism can possess astonishing and enlightened talents. For example some with autism are highly artistic; some exhibit heightened memorization abilities; some are extremely adept with miniscule details.

Autistic people have valuable skills to bring to the table, especially when employers understand that neurodiversity is a strength. There's power in having diverse perspectives on any team and that includes people on the spectrum. Even though there may be challenges as you iron out accommodations that work for you, there are benefits for employers and employed autistic workers3.

"We know that bringing diverse perspectives and different ways of thinking to the table leads to true innovation at work," says Lou Candiello, Senior Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition, Dell Technologies4. "That was a driving force behind our Autism Hiring Program and the need to champion neurodiversity in the workplace."

Employers around the country are increasingly hiring individuals with autism. And autism experts say this integration into the workplace is critical for those with autism to gain independence and improve their own quality of life.

Some other well-known employers that have created autism employment programs include Freddie Mac, Microsoft, SAP, Willis Towers Watson, and Walgreens5.

Adults who are on the spectrum are often extremely capable of having a successful, fulfilling career. The key is for employers to understand and recognize which positions will highlight the neurodiverse individual's strengths.

Sign the pledge promoting individuals with autism in the workplace!

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The Petition:

As an advocate for equality and inclusion, I pledge to support the hiring of adults who are on the spectrum, who are often extremely capable of having a successful, fulfilling career.

I pledge to be mindful of the needs of adults on the spectrum at my workplace

I pledge to appreciate diverse perspectives and different ways of thinking

Further, I pledge to champion neurodiversity in the name of a happier, successful future for all.

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