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Save The Indigenous People Of The Brazilian Amazon!

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Sponsor: The Rainforest Site

Urge Brazil's president to halt the construction of a destructive mega-dam in Brazil's Amazonian rainforest.

The Xingu River, located in the remote Brazilian Amazon, is a flourishing ecosystem many tribes of native Indians call home. The river's surrounding land has been inhabited by the tribes for thousands of years, serving as their cornerstones of survival.

But if the Brazilian government gets its way, the natives' precious land and livelihood may be wiped away by industrialization. The government wants to build a mega-dam, called the Belo Monte, on the Xingu in order to aid in the country's economic development.

Not only would the dam flood the land and deplete fish populations, construction would also bring in countless immigrants who could carry diseases to which native tribes are susceptible.

The destruction of this land will carry grave implications for the native peoples. Sign the petition imploring Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to speak for indigenous communities and prohibit the construction of the fatal Belo Monte dam.

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The Petition:

Dear President Dilma Rousseff:

I am urging you to respond to the crisis waiting to happen in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest — the Belo Monte Dam. If plans to build the dam move forward, its effects will have irreversible implications on the indigenous peoples that call that part of the Amazon home.

The land surrounding the Xingu River has been passed down over thousands of years and the people who live there depend on the land and the river for survival. The construction of the dam will have several catastrophic consequences. The dam will flood the land, wiping away peoples' homes and livelihoods; it will deplete fish stocks; and the construction will warrant the migration of foreign workers, thereby putting the natives at risk of contracting diseases they have no resources to treat.

Please do not pay for further economic stability with the price of harming human life and the environment. Your voice could decide between life and death for the indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon.


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