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Prevent a Bedbug Invasion

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Globalization, a rise in travel and pesticide resistance are contributing to the bedbug resurgence. Take action to banish these bugs!

Bedbugs are causing alarm and panic in Europe and may pose a risk to the rest of the world. While Paris has been at the center of this resurgence, the issue is not confined to the City of Light. Bedbugs are staging a comeback, causing sleepless nights for people across the continent.

Understanding the Bedbug Menace

Bedbugs have tormented humanity for thousands of years, with historical references tracing back to ancient Egypt1. These small, wingless insects feed on human and animal blood, often under the cover of darkness. They're drawn to us by the carbon dioxide we exhale and our body heat. The itchy welts they leave behind may be a nuisance, thankfully bedbugs don't transmit diseases to humans2.

Bedbugs in Paris: A Growing Panic

Paris, the romantic capital of the world, is currently grappling with a bedbug problem that's turning into a real-life nightmare. Viral videos, unverified sightings on public transportation, and at movie theaters have created a sense of alarm and panic in the city. The upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics have only intensified these fears, as large events with millions of attendees create the perfect breeding ground for these bloodsucking pests3.

Over the past two decades, bedbugs have been on the rise globally, affecting people from Chicago to New York and countless other cities4. It's a relentless and unwelcome comeback that has caught entomologists' attention.

The Bedbug Rollercoaster: From Boom to Bust and Back

The history of bedbugs is a turbulent one. In the 1800s, London hotels were so infested that guests were advised to get half-drunk just to find some sleep5. These pests were notorious, to the extent that entire buildings were incinerated to eliminate them. However, in the 1940s, the widespread use of DDT, a potent insecticide, led to the near eradication of bedbugs6.

Why Bedbugs Are Thriving Now

The bedbug resurgence can be attributed to increased urbanization, a rise in travel, and growing resistance to pesticides, the most critical factor in this threat7. Bedbugs are now resistant to most major classes of insecticides, including the widely used pyrethroids. The same goes for DDT, a historic nemesis of these bugs.

Your Role in the Fight: Sign the Pledge

It's time to take action against these relentless pests. By signing our pledge to banish bedbugs, you can be part of a global movement to protect our homes.

Together, we can raise awareness, support research into more affordable and effective solutions, and ensure that no one has to endure the misery of a bedbug-infested space.

Don't let the bedbugs bite! Join the fight against these relentless invaders by signing the pledge. Together, we can make our future healthier and happier for all.

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The Pledge:

Bedbugs are elusive and challenging to exterminate once they infest a space. Early detection can prevent these pests from multiplying and spreading. By staying vigilant, we can keep our living environments bedbug-free and ensure peace of mind.

I pledge to take the following actions to prevent the spread of bedbugs responsibly and sustainably:

  1. Thoroughly Inspect My Accommodations: Whether at home, in hotels, or at friends' homes, I pledge to inspect mattresses, furniture, and luggage racks for signs of bedbugs, like reddish-brown bloodstains.
  2. Avoid Bringing Secondhand Furniture Inside Without Inspection: I will check secondhand furniture for bedbugs before introducing it to my living space, especially sofas, chairs, beds, and mattresses.
  3. Immediately Call for Professional Help: If I discover bedbugs in my home, I will seek professional pest control services. Delaying this can make the problem more challenging to resolve.
  4. Properly Wash and Dry Infested Items: If bedbugs are detected on clothing, bedding, or other fabric items, I will promptly wash and dry them at high temperatures (at least 113°F).
  5. Use a Garment Steamer for Luggage: After traveling, I will use a garment steamer to heat-treat my luggage before bringing it indoors to eliminate any potential bedbugs or eggs.
  6. Educate Friends and Family: I pledge to share my knowledge about bedbug prevention with friends and family to create a network of vigilant individuals.
  7. Support Low-Income Communities: I will advocate for affordable treatment options for bedbug infestations in low-income communities, ensuring that no one is left to suffer because of their financial situation.
  8. Responsible Thrifting: When I buy secondhand items, I will prioritize heat treatment for any furniture and thoroughly inspect books before bringing them into my home.
  9. Promote Heat Treatment: I will encourage the use of effective heat treatments when dealing with bedbugs, as they are less harmful to the environment than some chemical alternatives.
  10. Share What I Know: I will stay updated on the latest information and best practices in bedbug prevention and share this knowledge with my community on social media and beyond.

By taking these actions, I pledge to safeguard our living spaces and contribute to a bedbug-free future. Our collective vigilance and responsible practices ensure healthier and happier lives for all.

Pledged by,

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