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Protect Innocent Pets from Cruelty in Missouri

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Join the fight to transform Missouri's laws and ensure animal abusers are prosecuted for their crimes.

A dog trainer in the Kansas City area, captured on camera, subjected a defenseless German shepherd to unthinkable cruelty1. This incident is not just an isolated case but a symptom of a larger issue plaguing our state — inadequate animal protection laws.

The video, showing the trainer's harsh treatment of a dog, spread like wildfire, bringing to light the urgent need for reform2. The trainer, Matt Fiala, now faces municipal charges, but the current laws fall short of delivering justice the community demands.

The local police department, overwhelmed by calls, has taken action, but their efforts are hampered by the limitations of existing legislation2. The call for tougher laws resonates beyond this community, touching the hearts of all who advocate for the voiceless.

The Need for Legal Reform

Missouri's current legal framework treats most animal cruelty cases as misdemeanors — a slap on the wrist for crimes that speak of deeper moral failings3. It's time for change. It's time for Missouri to stand up and say, "No more."

How You Can Help

Together, we can push for legislation that reflects our values and compassion. We call on you to sign our petition, demanding:

  1. Stricter Penalties: Elevate animal abuse to a felony, ensuring those who commit such acts face consequences that match their severity.
  2. Regulatory Oversight: Implement standards and regular inspections for all animal-related services to prevent future abuses.
  3. Community Empowerment: Strengthen reporting mechanisms and support educational initiatives to foster a culture of care and respect.

A Humane Future

Imagine a Missouri where every pet is safe, respected, and loved — where cases like Matt Fiala's are relics of the past. By reforming our laws, we pave the way for a brighter, kinder future.

The time for change is now. Your signature can help protect countless animals from suffering. Sign our petition and join the movement towards a more compassionate Missouri.

More on this issue:

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  2. Cameron Taylor, KSHB (11 January 2024), "Pleasant Hill police chief calls for tougher animal-abuse laws after viral 'dog-training' video."
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The Petition:

We, the undersigned, are citizens who stand for the dignity and welfare of all animals within the state of Missouri. Recent events, highlighted by the cruel actions of a dog trainer in the Kansas City area, have shed light on the dire need for our state to reevaluate and strengthen its stance on animal protection.

The case involving Matt Fiala, where disturbing acts of animal cruelty were caught on camera, has not only shocked our community but also revealed the shortcomings of our current legal framework in effectively deterring such unacceptable behavior. The existing laws, which classify most forms of animal abuse as misdemeanors, fail to reflect the severity of these acts and their impact on the victims, both animal and human.

We urgently call upon our state legislators and policymakers to:

  1. Reclassify Animal Abuse as a Felony: Ensure that acts of cruelty, including but not limited to torture, severe physical harm, and neglect, are met with stringent penalties that reflect their gravity.
  2. Implement Stricter Regulations for Animal Professionals: Introduce licensing and regular inspection for all animal-related businesses, including trainers, breeders, and boarding facilities, to ensure compliance with humane treatment standards.
  3. Enhance Reporting and Enforcement Mechanisms: Establish more accessible channels for reporting suspected animal cruelty and ensure law enforcement agencies are equipped with the resources and training necessary to respond effectively.
  4. Promote Community Education: Invest in programs that educate the public on responsible animal care and the importance of reporting suspected abuse.

These actions are not only vital in preventing cases like that of Matt Fiala but also in fostering a culture of respect and compassion towards all living beings in Missouri. By strengthening our animal protection laws, we affirm our commitment to justice and the well-being of all members of our community, ensuring a brighter, happier future for all.


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