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End SeaQuest‘s Legacy of Abuse and Neglect

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Across the United States, SeaQuest interactive aquariums are under scrutiny for their treatment of animals. These facilities, designed to provide close encounters with diverse species, have been marred by reports of neglect, harm, and even death among the animals in their care12.

Incidences at various SeaQuest locations paint a grim picture: from sloths suffering in unsuitable conditions to stingrays found lifeless in touch tanks3,4. Capybaras, otters, and sugar gliders have also faced dire circumstances, leading to injuries and, in some cases, death5. These events highlight the urgent need for improved oversight and care to ensure the well-being of these captive animals.

The situation has prompted public outcry, underscored by recent protests at SeaQuest's Folsom location. Investigations reveal a pattern of neglect, with issues ranging from improper enclosure maintenance to insufficient veterinary care6. The commercial nature of these operations often means profit is prioritized over animal welfare, with animals confined to mall environments far from their natural habitats.

This is not just an issue of animal welfare; it's also about public safety. Incidents where animals, stressed by constant human interaction, have harmed visitors raise significant concerns about the safety of such interactive experiences7.

The controversy surrounding SeaQuest has sparked a broader conversation on the need for stronger animal welfare laws and better enforcement of existing regulations. The Animal Welfare Act, while a federal standard, often falls short of safeguarding the well-being of animals in captivity8.

Your Voice Can Make a Difference

We are at a pivotal moment in our fight for animal welfare at SeaQuest facilities. It's time for us to stand together and call for action. By revoking SeaQuest's federal Animal Welfare Act license, we can prevent further harm to both animals and humans.

Join us in demanding that the U.S. Department of Agriculture takes immediate action. Sign the petition today and be a part of the movement towards a future where entertainment does not come at the expense of those who cannot speak for themselves.

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The Petition:

To the United States Secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),

We, the undersigned, call upon the USDA to take immediate action by revoking SeaQuest's federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license. Our concern stems from SeaQuest's extensive history of violations regarding the transportation, ownership, neglect, and welfare of animals across multiple states. These violations not only breach state and local laws but fundamentally undermine the principles set forth by the AWA.

Recent incidents, including those at SeaQuest's Colorado and Connecticut locations, have highlighted a disturbing pattern of neglect and cruelty. SeaQuest Littleton in Colorado was shut down in February 2024 following extensive legal issues, including a license suspension and illegal activities. The SeaQuest in Trumbull, Connecticut, closed in August 2023 after complaints about serious animal welfare concerns and customer injuries led to scrutiny from federal and state authorities.

From the illegal procurement of animals to inadequate veterinary care leading to animal suffering and deaths, SeaQuest's operations have consistently failed to meet the basic standards of animal welfare required by law.

Furthermore, numerous injuries to visitors, including bites and scratches from distressed animals forced into close interactions, raise serious public safety concerns.

We believe that revoking SeaQuest's AWA license is a necessary step to prevent further harm to animals and humans alike. This action will send a clear message that violations of animal welfare laws will not be tolerated. It is imperative for the USDA to uphold its commitment to ensuring the humane treatment of animals under its jurisdiction.

By signing this petition, we express our collective desire for accountability, transparency, and adherence to the laws designed to protect animals. We envision a future where animals are treated with respect and compassion, and entities that fail to uphold these values face consequences. Together, we can work towards a brighter, more humane future for all.


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