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Stop Fentanyl's Deadly Surge

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Overdose deaths have surged 50-fold since 2010, with fentanyl and stimulants wreaking havoc. Sign the pledge and take action!

Right now, across the United States, there's an invisible enemy lurking in our communities, silently claiming lives with devastating swiftness. It's called fentanyl, and it's an opioid so potent that even the tiniest dose can spell disaster1. Fentanyl has infiltrated our streets, our homes, and our lives, leading to a surge in overdose deaths that has left no corner of our nation untouched.

In a world where this synthetic opioid has become a relentless force, a rallying cry is emerging: "Enough is enough." It's time for every one of us to take a stand and say, "Not on our watch." Together, we can combat fentanyl abuse and put an end to the tragic overdose deaths that have shattered countless families.

The Fentanyl Crisis in America: It's Closer Than You Think

You might be wondering, "Why should I care?" The answer is simple: because it affects us all. Fentanyl doesn't discriminate; it doesn't care about your age, your background, or your location. It's a perilous adversary that threatens the lives of our loved ones, our friends, and even ourselves.

As we speak, overdose deaths involving fentanyl are skyrocketing. In 2010, there were 235 deaths attributed to the combination of fentanyl and other substances2. Fast forward to 2021, and that number had surged to a staggering 34,429. This crisis, often described as the "fourth wave" of the country's opioid epidemic, is marked by profound shifts in the substances involved.

But that's not all. Another alarming trend has emerged—the increasing presence of xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, in the illicit drug supply. Xylazine, when mixed with fentanyl, becomes even deadlier3. It doesn't respond to overdose-reversal medications like Narcan, leaving users in a perilous situation4. This sinister combination is responsible for gruesome consequences, including horrifying skin wounds. Across various states, including Maryland and Connecticut, xylazine is detected in over a quarter of fentanyl-related deaths.

Sign the Pledge to Combat Fentanyl Abuse and Overdose Deaths

Our collective strength lies in our unity, in our unwavering commitment to protect our communities from the devastating impact of fentanyl. By signing the pledge, you're not just making a promise; you're taking a stand against an epidemic that has claimed far too many lives.

Together, we can save lives. Sign the pledge now, and let's ensure a safer future for all Americans.

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The Pledge:

Fentanyl, an immensely potent synthetic opioid, poses a grave threat to Americans. Its extreme potency increases the risk of overdose, and when mixed with other substances like xylazine, it becomes even deadlier. Illicit fentanyl finds its way into counterfeit pills and street drugs, making it a hidden danger. Fentanyl-related deaths have surged, creating an urgent need for action.

I pledge to take the following actions to reduce fentanyl abuse and overdose deaths:

  1. Raise Awareness: I will educate myself and others about the dangers of fentanyl through community outreach, social media, and educational campaigns.
  2. Harm Reduction: I will back harm reduction programs that aim to minimize the adverse consequences of drug use.
  3. Policy Advocacy: I will advocate for policies promoting harm reduction, expanded access to addiction treatment, and regulation of the illicit drug supply at both local and national levels.
  4. Support for Addiction Treatment: I will ensure affordable and readily available evidence-based addiction treatment services tailored to individual needs.
  5. Early Intervention: I will recognize signs of opioid overdose and seek immediate emergency medical help to save lives.

By taking these actions, we can ensure a safer future for Americans by reducing fentanyl abuse and overdose deaths. Together, we can make a difference and protect our communities from the devastating impact of this crisis.

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