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Support Teddy's Law for Lab-Tested Animals

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Sponsor: The Animal Rescue Site

Teddy's Law could change countless lives, and help us make a difference -- we need you to take action for lab-tested animals in need.

Imagine a world where lab-tested animals don't face a bleak future but instead find loving forever homes. You have the power to turn this dream into reality, and it all starts with your signature on the Teddy's Law petition1.

Why We Need Teddy's Law

In laboratories across Michigan, dogs and cats play an essential role in scientific research. Their contribution to medical and technological advancements is undeniable. Yet, their fate often ends in sterile environments, far from the warmth of a loving family.

Teddy's Law (Senate Bills 1482 and 1493) aims to change this reality. Sponsored by Senator Dayna Polehanki and Senator Kevin Hertel, this legislation has a simple yet profound goal: to ensure lab-tested animals are given a second chance at life. These animals, no longer needed for research, deserve the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes, unless euthanasia is required for health or safety reasons. Teddy's Law also protects research facilities and shelters, providing them with civil liability immunity when acting in good faith regarding the animals' health and well-being.

The Heartwarming Inspiration Behind Teddy's Law

At the heart of this legislation lies a touching story of hope and compassion. In 2019, over 30 beagles, including one named Teddy, faced a dire fate4. They were subjected to pesticide testing in a Michigan laboratory, teetering on the brink of euthanasia. However, compassionate individuals intervened, rescuing Teddy and his companions from a grim end.

Teddy's rescue marked the genesis of Teddy's Law. Today, at least 13 states, including Minnesota, Illinois, and Virginia, have already passed similar laws, demonstrating the growing momentum and support for this compassionate cause5.

Taking Action for a Brighter Future

You can be a part of this transformative movement. By signing the Teddy's Law petition, you add your voice to the growing chorus of individuals who believe in a brighter future for lab-tested animals. Together, we can ensure that these animals, who have served science diligently, find their fur-ever homes and experience the love and care they deserve.

Take action now. Sign the petition to support Teddy's Law and give lab-tested animals the hope, love, and future they deserve.

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The Petition:

Dear Senator Dayna Polehanki and Senator Kevin Hertel,

I am writing to express my wholehearted support for Teddy's Law (Senate Bills 148 and 149), a crucial piece of legislation currently under consideration in the Michigan Legislature. This law aims to address the pressing need for the humane treatment and rehoming of lab-tested animals, offering them a chance at a second life and a loving forever home.

Lab-tested animals play an indispensable role in scientific research, contributing to advancements in medicine and technology. However, their journey often ends in sterile laboratories, devoid of compassion and care. Teddy's Law seeks to change this narrative by requiring research facilities to offer dogs and cats no longer used in research to registered animal shelters in Michigan for adoption, unless euthanizing the animal is required for health or safety reasons. Additionally, it provides immunity from civil liability for both research facilities and shelters acting in good faith concerning the animals' health and physical condition.

The need for Teddy's Law is evident. Lab-tested animals, having served their purpose, should not face unnecessary euthanasia when the opportunity exists to provide them with a loving, compassionate home. This law will ensure that these animals, like Teddy and his companions, have the chance to experience a life outside the confines of research facilities.

By supporting Teddy's Law, you are taking a significant step toward a safer, happier future for all. This legislation embodies our collective responsibility to advocate for the welfare of lab-tested animals, promoting compassion, accountability, and the belief that every life deserves a chance.

I urge you to stand with compassionate citizens like myself and support Teddy's Law. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of countless lab-tested animals, ensuring they find the loving homes they deserve.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.


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This petition is no longer active. View other causes that need your support.

Teddy's Law was part of a package of bills signed into Michigan state law on Dec. 13, 2023,