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End the Slaughter — WhatsApp Must Act Now

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Join the urgent fight against WhatsApp's hidden cruelty—halt the senseless torture and killing of innocent animals by weapon-wielding youths.

A deeply troubling trend has emerged on WhatsApp, one of the world's most popular messaging platforms. Groups of children and teens have been using the app to share distressing content that glorifies the killing and torture of animals using slingshots and other weapons.

This content isn't just disturbing—it's a call to action for all of us who care about animal welfare and the kind of world we want to live in.

The Shocking Reality

Investigations have uncovered hundreds of members in so-called "catapult groups," where participants, some as young as primary school age, share images and videos of their cruel acts1.

The victims of these senseless acts range from birds and squirrels to larger animals like deer and foxes, with the attackers often boasting about their exploits2.

The link between cruelty to animals and other forms of violence is well-documented. By allowing these groups to exist and flourish, we are potentially nurturing a culture of violence that could have broader societal implications3.

The Law Is Not Enough

While animal cruelty laws exist, they are not always effective in stopping these heinous acts before they happen. The use of catapults, not currently classified as illegal weapons in the UK, poses a significant loophole that these groups exploit to carry out and share their acts of violence2. This gap in the law, combined with the accessibility of social media platforms, creates a perfect storm for the propagation of animal cruelty.

What WhatsApp Can Do

WhatsApp, and its parent company Meta, have the power and responsibility to take action against this content. By strengthening their content moderation policies and improving mechanisms for reporting abuse, they can help prevent the spread of these disturbing images and videos. Collaboration with law enforcement and animal welfare organizations can also lead to quicker identification and punishment of perpetrators2.

Our Call to Action

This is where we need your help. We are calling on the leaders of WhatsApp and Meta to take decisive action to eradicate animal abuse content from the platform.

By signing our petition, you are raising your voice against animal cruelty and standing up for a kinder, more compassionate world.

Your signature sends a message that we, as a global community, will not stand for violence in any form. It tells those in power that the time for action is now, not after more innocent lives are lost.

Sign the Petition Today

Join us in calling for an immediate crackdown on animal abuse content on WhatsApp. Together, we can make a difference. Sign the petition today and be a part of the movement towards a safer, kinder world for all beings.

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The Petition:

To the Executive Leadership of WhatsApp and Meta,

We, the undersigned, are reaching out to express our deep concern and to call for immediate action against the disturbing prevalence of animal abuse content on the WhatsApp platform. Animal abuse, in any form, is not only morally reprehensible but also illegal in many jurisdictions worldwide. Social media platforms like WhatsApp have the power and responsibility to curb the spread of such content, which not only glorifies cruelty but also encourages a desensitized attitude towards the suffering of sentient beings.

The presence of groups and individuals on WhatsApp who use the platform to share images and videos of animals being tortured or killed with catapults and other means is alarming. These acts of violence against animals are not only deeply troubling on a moral and ethical level but also raise significant concerns about the safety and well-being of our communities. Research has consistently shown a link between animal cruelty and other forms of violence, making it imperative that we address this issue with the urgency it deserves.

By allowing such content to proliferate, WhatsApp inadvertently provides a space for perpetrators to gain validation for their actions and potentially recruit others to join in these heinous acts. It is crucial that WhatsApp implements more stringent measures to detect, remove, and prevent the sharing of animal abuse content. This includes enhancing content moderation policies, improving reporting mechanisms for users to flag abusive content, and collaborating with law enforcement and animal welfare organizations to hold perpetrators accountable.

Taking a strong stance against animal abuse on WhatsApp will not only protect innocent animals but also contribute to the overall health and safety of our global community. It sends a clear message that violence, in any form, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

We urge WhatsApp and Meta to take immediate and decisive action to crack down on animal abuse content on the platform. By doing so, you will ensure a happier, healthier future for all, where compassion and respect for all living beings are paramount.


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