But I am to old to be a T1D

My son was Dx with T1D when he was 11...all the signs were there. As a mom it was difficult to watch him go through all the training and hear the questions he had as we all trained to be there for him. I was prepared to be the best support I could be...I was 32 when he was diagnosed. Fast forward to 2010, I was 47 just retired from the Air Force Reserves, and I was proud that I stopped smoking. But I was losing weight, and using the bathroom all the time... I could barley move I was SO trired. I was scared that I had something caused by smoking. When I finally went in for my physical, my Dr said I was very healthy as far as all my test could tell, except my A1C was 16.6 and my fasting BG was 465...I was lucky to be upright. he did a C-Peptide test ( 0.51-2.72 nano-grams per milliliter (ng/mL is normal range) and I came back with a .03. He said I believe you are a T1D and am referring you to an Endo. The first words out of my mouth were...But I am to old to be a T1D...Now I know what my son went through, He handled everything like a champ and inspired me to do the same. I have since diagnosis and with the help of my other son,Run three half marathons, 17 Tough Mudder Obstacle Course events, and multiple 5k, 10k and 15k races. My next challenge is Toughest Mudder an 8 hour overnight obstacle course run. While I don't win any of the races by the clock, each and every one is a win for me, because I won;t let diabetes get me down, and I won't let my son down.
Tracy Clare
Dayton, OH