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Sports Training for Girls in the Peruvian Andes

Item # 33229

Self-confidence. Leadership. Teamwork. These life-success attributes are often fostered the world over through childhood sports and games. Now you can help a young girl in the Peruvian Andes gain the skills and confidence to pursue her dreams, as she gains the respect and pride of her family, friends, and community.

In traditional Peruvian culture, boys gain increased responsibility and freedom throughout adolescence, while girls tend to be relegated to the domestic sphere. Even today, Peruvian girls receive an average of less than two hours of physical education per week.

U.S.-based non-profit GirlSportWorks challenges this discrepancy at the grassroots level with a sports program created exclusively for girls. Through the program's fun and informal yet directed curriculum, girls experience increased self-confidence, learn to work effectively in teams, and develop body awareness.

In addition to self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills, GirlSportWorks' program fosters friendships between girls. Working as a team and relying on companions for defense and offence, girls develop relationships not normally experienced in a classroom setting. Team sports training also results in improved academic performance. Possibly the greatest benefit may be the increased respect from families, friends, and elders as they watch girls thriving in non-domestic, non-traditional roles.

This Gift That Gives More™ funds one month of sports training for a girl in the Peruvian Andes through GirlSportWorks.

GirlSportWorks teaches an extra-curricular athletic class in four schools in Cusco, Peru. Students aged 9–14 participate in the classes two times per week, and the curriculum cycles through seven sports, including football, track and field, volleyball, and Frisbee. Classes are led by two GirlSportWorks Program Managers and are conducted in a participatory and interactive manner.

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